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a duct dress

Ducktivity provided by ductape<3

step1. choose three rolls of duct tape step2.choose a trashbag appropiate to your size step3. fold trashbag in half lengthwise and cut hole for head and arms step4. starting on center front neck place chosen color of duct tape as far down from neck to waist as desired step5. repeat above process from center front to sides and back step6. starting at center front place chosen color on trashbag from waist to desired length of dress step7. repeat process to sides and back step8. at waist, where two kinds of ductape meet place third chosen duct tape around waist to form waist band step9. around bottom starting at center back use third color duct tape around entire bottom of dress. fold back in half two form hem step10. enjoy your dress

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  • oobycat about 13 months ago
    I think its ok

  • The Ducktape Queen about 21 months ago
    I think its awesome!

  • agsingers about 23 months ago
    its great for your first time but it could be better