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Ducktivity provided by Duck queen 1012

i saw the white flats and absolutly loved them! so i made my own black ones i made a mini rose to go on the edge for comments or questions email me at anesmith@suddenlink.net thx and keep on duckin

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  • about 26 months ago
    i figured out how to make them 1. get a pair of old ankle socks 2.cut them so that they look how you want your flats to look like 3.cover the top of your shoes with ur duct tape 4.put cardboard on bottoms to make them sturdy 5.make little roses and tape them on 6.rock those shoes

  • bailey.schwabe about 27 months ago
    Couple questions; What did you use for the bottom? (The flip flops hurt without a base) How did you know what size to make them? (you need space to get your foot in and out) [Last one] What pattern did you use for the edges? Mustache?

  • lovetheduck123 about 30 months ago

  • ducktape_isawesome about 48 months ago
    so cute! can u either post the instructions or send me the instructions?

  • berrysis about 49 months ago
    How do you make them!!!!!

  • ducttapeitup about 50 months ago
    those are awesome i am going to make those if i succeed on it i will post instructions

  • basketballrocks2323 about 50 months ago
    those are soooo cool im gonna try 2 make them (not to be a copier)!!!!!!

  • craftyduck25 about 50 months ago
    Those are so cute! How did you make them?

  • duckqueen about 50 months ago
    awesome ! insructios please !!!!!!!

  • mgilmo1 about 50 months ago
    wow you are extremly talented plese post instructions

  • Crimson about 50 months ago
    I would love to have a pair of these. How do I make them? Do you have instructions?

  • hawaii504 about 50 months ago
    these are sooooooo cute. i bet i could wear a pair of those to school. lol

  • pinkprincess123 about 51 months ago
    thesesare soooo cute! can you either post directions or send me the directions? thanks!

  • 50RAPTOR about 51 months ago
    how did u make those they r really cute are they comfortablelol:)

  • denjen0925 about 51 months ago
    Can you send me instructions? Thanks

  • denjen0925 about 51 months ago
    Can you send me instructions? Thanks

  • acat306 about 51 months ago
    luv it! im so making some! The duct tape flip-flops are really cheap.

  • troser522 about 51 months ago
    Nice! I would love some directions on how to make those mini roses! :D

  • sfclimbs about 51 months ago
    Those are really cute. What did you use for the sole? <3333 SOOO creative!

  • GreenDuck18 about 51 months ago
    Cute, Instructions PLEASE!!!!

  • IAmStuckOnDuckTapeBrand about 51 months ago
    That is so cute! Did you use cardboard as the base?

  • ducttapecupcake about 51 months ago
    OMG i luv it!!! My BFF tried making them. Those r amazing!! I'd wear them!

  • purpletayabaya about 51 months ago
    instructions please!!!!!!!!!

  • ssmacgirl about 51 months ago

  • HORSESROCK211 about 51 months ago
    I think those are adorable! :)

  • cmanni99 about 51 months ago
    I really love these and would love to make them,so it would be great if you posted directions! They look great though!

  • puppylilon about 51 months ago
    Instuction PLEASE!!!

  • ilovetheduck about 51 months ago
    Cute how do you make them?