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Duck Tape Shoe Extensions

Ducktivity provided by amberjulysurfer

I was going hiking and I forgot my sneakers, so I made duck tape sneaker extensions for my flip flops. they are absolutly horible and I dont know why anybody wants to try my idea so u should go away and not curse your eyes at the sight of these. Unless u need duck feet for halloween.

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • Ducktape
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Stupidity


  • cjmarr about 24 months ago
    1. Why did u post it then? 2. It was creative... it actually gives me an idea.... I don't think im gonna use it tho XD

  • jackattack54 about 29 months ago
    i love them

  • ducktapeguitar about 43 months ago
    it was a good idea!

  • gratestever about 47 months ago
    mumumumok surrre

  • mimi03 about 47 months ago
    hey i think u have a reative mind to think of that.but it is really funny:)

  • rvgarner about 47 months ago
    I think they're good.Don't get down, you should just try again.

  • amberjulysurfer about 47 months ago
    i was bored, i know it sucks but i thought it was kinda funny

  • robertsk about 47 months ago
    wow, ok.

  • Ducktapeartist about 47 months ago
    Well then, why did you post it?????????????