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Retro Duck Tape Dress

Ducktivity provided by danannbis

This dress is made entirely of Duck tape. Three 11 year olds (Danielle, Ella, and Emily) made the dress in 2 hours. We hope you enjoy it!!!

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  • oobycat about 14 days ago
    My daughter is 11 years old and she made a dress. No offense but I think my daughters dress is better.

  • iluvpuppies about 13 months ago
    look, i don't mean to hate. i know you probably put alot of effort into this but... im 11 and i could probably do better than that...

  • TheDuctTapeQueen832 about 14 months ago
    WOW. That's all I can say. I could never do a dress, great job!

  • lovetheduck123 about 16 months ago
    rerally cute belt!! thats it.. no offence plaese dont think im trying to be mean im not... and whoevers posing.... thanks for trying... dont next time :/

  • Duct tape fanatic! about 16 months ago
    No offense but this belongs in the intermediate section not advanced

  • danannbis about 34 months ago
    Good Job girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • danannbis about 35 months ago
    I want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • birds&ducttape about 35 months ago

  • danannbis about 35 months ago
    You girls have excellent teamwork!!

  • Justaguy about 35 months ago
    Great Job Girls. Cute Dress and love the colors. Good teamwork.

  • GolfinGranny about 35 months ago
    Excellent job. Not easy for 3 people to design and assemble a dress in such a short time. Must have been well thought out and planned.

  • GolfinGranny about 35 months ago
    Excellent job on the dress. Three bright minds working together to come up with the design and the assembly process. Congrats!

  • shop1z about 35 months ago
    Great work by a group of 11 year olds!! So cute.

  • danannbis about 35 months ago
    This is the best dress ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!