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Birdy Cell Phone Case

Ducktivity provided by lulu36

Soooooo cute and easy to make!

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  • Ricky Martin fan about 21 months ago
    so cute!!!!!!!!!

  • LuckyDuckie9 about 44 months ago
    oh so cute!!! when i get a phone im making one!!!

  • cmanni99 about 45 months ago
    Cute!!! I'd love to know how to make one!

  • lullydully365 about 47 months ago
    awsome! going 2 a baseball game at school tomorow im sooo totaly making this it will make my friends sooooooo jelous. thanks so mutch:):):):):):):):):):)

  • Ducky13 about 47 months ago
    SUPER CUTE!!!!! =)

  • pielord about 47 months ago
    i luv it! Just don't use marker!:)

  • duck ninja about 47 months ago
    tooo cute!! i luv the beak!! cant wait to make mine!

  • ducttapebffs77 about 47 months ago
    Adorable! (: