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Ipod Touch Travel Case

Ducktivity provided by joyouscreations1

I made this randomly when i was bored, and thought it turned out pretty neat. It even has a little pocket for headphones, and a rubber band to keep it closed! It took me about 45 minutes to make, maybe less. It was so much fun to create!

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  • sfora71 about 18 months ago
    Looks sloppy.

  • katyk124 about 27 months ago
    That is so cool! I tried something similar to give my brother for his birthday, but it was a D.S. case. I'm going to make one of these...

  • hayhay12345 about 49 months ago
    that looks so cute

  • mima2000 about 49 months ago
    how did u make that it is sooooooo cute

  • amberlovestape about 50 months ago
    how do you make this ??

  • laffytaffy418 about 50 months ago
    that is way cool i wanna try 2 make 1

  • pumpkinqueen27 about 50 months ago
    this is really difficult!!! i tryed it and came out with an ipod touch travel case( not like yours but cool still!) with two pockets in the front!

  • yologurl1 about 50 months ago
    that seems really cool! Wish you told us what we need and how to make it though...

  • turtle about 50 months ago
    OMG thats soooo cool how did u make that