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Ducktivity provided by Gorillatoilet2

I made 2 koozis, here's one!

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  • sfora71 about 18 months ago
    Looks fine, but seems a bit pointless when you can get them for free at a lot of festivals, sporting events, etc. and those are better at insulating drinks... plus free is better than paying for duct tape.

  • cloudboud about 31 months ago
    Does it work?

  • Gorillatoilet2 about 50 months ago
    I have decided to post them here so you don't have to search for it. 1. Get a coke can or something like that (Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew.) 2. Take a strip of duct tape that is long enough to wrap around the can with a little to be able to tape it. 3. Repeat step 2 until you have enough strips to reach the top. 4. Now tape them with the sticky side pointing OUT and NOT with the sticky side sticking to the can! This is crucial! 5. Repeat step 2 and 3. 6. Now tape those strips pointing OUTWARD so there is NO sticky part on the inside or outside! 7. Get 1 piece of tape large enough to tape to the bottom. 8. Get a strip about an inch longer then the one you just cut. 9. Tape those together with sticky sides on both sides. 10. Repeat step 7 and 8. 11. Tape one horizontally on the bottom, the other vertically. TA DA!

  • breefish16 about 50 months ago
    not a fan of the colors- luv the idea.... how do ya make it

  • Gorillatoilet2 about 51 months ago
    Duckdesigns: Yeah this one was for my dad... I didn't really like the colors that much either...

  • duckdesigns about 51 months ago
    moon u suck cus this thing isnt ugly i wuld change the colors but its pretty awsome

  • Gorillatoilet2 about 51 months ago
    Moon1236, I've seen some of your other comments. A lot of them aren't very polite. If you're going to be like that, then tell is in a form of constructive criticism. And if your flower pens are so great, why don't I see any of them?? By the way, I make a lot better stuff now. Check out my website, duct-taped.com

  • Gorillatoilet2 about 51 months ago
    Well I was searching in the search bar and I saw a tutorial on how to do one so I clicked on it and did it. Duck Brand also did a tutorial! Sorry I didn't have directions on this, my camera was acting up. :/

  • ducktapeluver9860 about 51 months ago
    thats pretty cool, i might make one myself!

  • b-ballgirl5 about 52 months ago
    I gave ya 5 stars becuz that's waht I was going to do!!!! Yours looks really great though

  • moon1236 about 52 months ago

  • hendricksonl about 52 months ago
    how do u make it???

  • Duckonators about 52 months ago
    but how do you make em 8/