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Phone Pouch

Ducktivity provided by MissiBabii51509

1) I layered some duck tape together into a sheet (Make it as big as you want)2)Turn it over a put some more duck tape over the sticky side so nothing gets stuck to it3)Fold it in half and tape up the sides 4) Take another pieace of duck tape and fold it in half and attach it to the inside of the pouch5) Take a another pieace cut it in half and put them back to back (Fold it like a fan starting with the smaller end to make your bow)6) Deside what side is the front and attach the bow

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • Duck Tape (Any Color)
  • Sissors


  • lafseo about 18 months ago
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  • Carlos Spicyweiner about 19 months ago
    Can you make it if not black?

  • Ducttapeluver11 about 21 months ago
    I like the bow! Nice touch!

  • Ducttapeluver11 about 21 months ago
    This is pretty cool.