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Quick and Easy Bow

Ducktivity provided by dtluvr

This bow takes less than 5 minutes to make and is super cute.

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  • Step 1

    Cut two strips of duck tape about 7 inches long.

  • Step 2

    Place the two stips on top of each other.

  • Step 3

    Trim off the edges.

  • Step 4

    Cut a two inch strip and attach it to one end of the strip.

  • Step 5

    Attach the other end of the strip to the sticky 2 inch strip.

  • Step 6

    Press down so it becomes flat. Then , working your way down fold it accoridian style until you reach the end.

  • Step 7

    Cut another strip about a centimeter long and wrap around the center of the bow.

  • Step 8

    Place a bobby pin on the back. Make a fashion statement! :)


  • Liv_Luvz_Duct_Tape about 51 months ago
    your awesome ive been looking for instructions!

  • ampaige111 about 51 months ago
    thanks!!!i needed a simple bow !

  • dtluvr about 54 months ago
    I know... you have to center the middle peice just right or it will come out demented and crooked.

  • Ak657 about 54 months ago
    hi i love the project but the measurements made a demented bow.