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Room Organizer

Ducktivity provided by char121800

i made this duck tape organizer because i am very disorganized i think it turned out well and i hope you like it!

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • duct tape :)
  • scissors
  • marker (optional)


  • rajkumarjonnala about 5 months ago
    Secureourdream Business Blog

  • Potterpanda109 about 29 months ago
    No offense but u can't put that much stuff In it but its really cute

  • Ducttapefabulous about 31 months ago
    This is awesome!!! Nice creation!

  • char121800 about 39 months ago
    lots of people have been asking me for directions so here they r first make a sheet of duct tape (any color) then cut out tiny pockets out of another sheet of duct tape then attach with clear tape. and decorate! then your finished!

  • laburroughs about 43 months ago
    Could you send me directions to make this? I work at an afterschool program and I am sure they would enjoy making this project. Thanks for you help.

  • char121800 about 46 months ago

  • brooklynn1275 about 47 months ago
    wowwie thats so cool i made one too but I used a diffrent pattern and style

  • hziggs about 48 months ago
    I looovveee it can you tell me how to make it

  • duct tape artist about 48 months ago

  • char121800 about 48 months ago
    i know right LOL :)

  • mimi03 about 48 months ago
    I LOVE it soooooooooo much.You have no idea how many times i loose my hairbruch and sissors.Hahahahahahahahah

  • emmakrumm about 48 months ago