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Sugar Skull of Duct Tape

Ducktivity provided by theducktapediva

This is a Day of the Dead sugar skull made from duct tape and stuck to a duct tape drawstring purse! A sharpie was used for shading. I don't know why but my facebook link won't work on my profile. So, to see the phases of this creation check out Ducktapediva Designs on facebook. Also check me out on etsy... theducktapediva.etsy.com

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  • oriannacrafting about 27 days ago

  • sfora71 about 29 days ago
    This looks really cool!

  • kristie.jacobsen.75 about 3 months ago

  • samanthafye93 about 4 months ago
    this is so cool!

  • brittanykf22 about 4 months ago
    cool :)

  • trishfirecracker about 4 months ago
    I love sugar skulls very well done.

  • danielle.lowe.969 about 4 months ago
    Love It!

  • Brown101bear about 4 months ago
    Only one problem. Sharpie doesn't stay on duct tape. Does anyone know a better pen to use?

  • Ricky Martin fan about 9 months ago
    u r so good!!

  • cmanni99 about 31 months ago
    I checked out your etsy....your duck tape purses are the BEST I HAVE EVER SEEN! NO LIE!!! Thanks so much for sharing your etsy!!! :-)

  • sellerhere about 32 months ago
    R u ppl nuts giving low reviews. This chic rocks!!!!! I love her designs... Sharon

  • duck'duptape about 35 months ago
    DUDE! That purse is so cool! The design is so awesome. Keep On Ducking!

  • Digital Camo about 35 months ago

  • RaindropWallets about 35 months ago
    I wasn't able to find you on facebook. What's the link to your page?