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Big Bow

Ducktivity provided by xxalexisrainbowxx

Well,I would always make small bows and so I was making a wallet one day, and I was thinking, Hey! I could make a big bow. so, i did and that's how it turned out. (:

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  • cmanni99 about 50 months ago
    I LOVE IT! I love duck tape bows, so this is great to me! Awesome Job!

  • bigtimerush about 55 months ago
    thats really cool

  • fishy2o about 57 months ago
    i love it and it looks easy i tierd and it turned out great

  • ( --MANDERIN-- ) about 58 months ago
    OMG!! i made a cheetah print one, and wore it to school

  • emilyboo3 about 59 months ago
    SOOOO CUTE <3!!!!! I made a zebra one turned out great i wore it to school

  • emilyboo3 about 59 months ago
    so cute i made a zebra one turned out AWESOME<3

  • jml1997 about 61 months ago
    this is so cool and pretty

  • duckyduct about 63 months ago
    how do you make them i only know how to make one kind and its nothing like that.