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Duck Tape Bracelets

Ducktivity provided by tape-and-string-girls

Just make a double sided non-sticky side piece of duct tape and decorate it!!! It's pretty simple- but very fun!!!

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  • Step 1

    Take two equaly long pieces of Duck Brand Tape and put the together with the non-sticky sides facing outward. Decorate with the Duck Brand Tape or a permanent marker and you have a fashionable bracelet that all your friends will want!!!


  • Liv_Luvz_Duct_Tape about 51 months ago
    they need better diretions, but other than that there cute!

  • hannah2799 about 51 months ago
    horrible instructions!! they don't match the picture!!

  • Kknodle about 51 months ago
    The directions not very good :(

  • brittany627 about 52 months ago
    that is freak in the awesome!

  • fishy2o about 59 months ago
    cute but not very helpful steps

  • Woodall about 64 months ago
    You use two or three pieces equally the same length and basically you braid them like you would hair. Then you use one of those colors and tape the ends together. No Marker Needed. It's real easy but you have to do it very tight.

  • pupswithwheels about 68 months ago
    This is awsome I will totally make these for my friends. They are so cute!