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Duck Tape Rose Clips

Ducktivity provided by Ducktapeartist

I have been wanting to make these clips for the longest time, but I couldn't until my mom finally got barrettes at the store. Ever since then, I have been making them all the time. Here are just a few. The half rainbow half white one was inspired by the half rainbow half white rose that bananabffl posted. I love them all!

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • Many Colors Of Duck Tape
  • Barrettes


  • sarahjan123 about 46 months ago
    How did you make them? they are so cool:)

  • Gracebeef about 47 months ago
    how did you make those their soooo cool send me a how to now please

  • ashleysuchy about 47 months ago
    How do you make them??? I need instructions! They are sooooo cute!!!

  • lexilex about 48 months ago
    nice :) how do you attach them to the barett