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ducktape hair clip<3

Ducktivity provided by ducktapetomboy

this is a fun and easy way 2 make a hair clip u can put it on a rubber band but the 1 i made 4 my sis. i put it on a hair clip check it out please ull have a lot of fun making it!!!!

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • cutting nife
  • sicors
  • ducktape
  • gem 4 middle
  • ruler w/ pen
  • have fun!!!!


  • Step 1

    cut a piece of ducktape about 7in. long fold it in half sticky side 2 sticky side!!!

  • Step 2

    fold about 3 cm. long and meet it in the middle repeat step till all the way around

  • Step 3

    tape a lil. piece of duck tape every time u have 3 put the picece in the midddle ....

  • Step 4

    cut a piece and put in the middle ad gem in the middle!!! HAVE FUN!!!!