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Duct Tape Shoes

Ducktivity provided by luckyduck2016

They are nice and will not rip if you do they right and you can make different designs!!

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  • RubberDuckTaper about 31 months ago
    i LOVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEE these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! epecially the yellow ones!!!

  • Chantal about 49 months ago

  • ilovecheerleading<3 about 50 months ago
    WOW!!!!! omg can u add the instrutions on here i really like the yellow one its so pretty and i wanna know how to make it for myself too.

  • rokiroad9 about 50 months ago
    Seriously POST HOW TO MAKE THEM I'M DYING!!!!!!

  • duckdesigns about 51 months ago
    omg these r awsome luving the yellow one plzzzzzz post instructions!!!!!!

  • amidy1313 about 51 months ago
    Those are adorable!! Please add instructions

  • kyleebalaty@yahoo.com about 51 months ago

  • ducktape2anything about 51 months ago
    I made the yellow ones with blue and purple they are soooo cute thanks!

  • luvintape34 about 51 months ago
    PLZ post in structions 4 the yellow ones!

  • cmanni99 about 51 months ago
    Very pretty! I really like the bows!

  • iheartducktape! about 51 months ago
    i luv the yello ones!:)

  • kookylight about 51 months ago
    Directions Please?

  • jetskiing20 about 51 months ago
    those are really cool

  • ghilton99 about 52 months ago
    i love those shoose im going to go make a pair of those well i will try plaese post instructions

  • ducktapequeen34 about 52 months ago
    please add instructions so cute

  • 8lee9 about 52 months ago
    how did you do these they are so cool please please post instructions

  • kiwifruit16 about 53 months ago
    I made some like the yellow ones but instead of using cardboard i used an old flip flip and i cut off the rubber stuff on top so it was just the bottom of it. It is a lot more comfy than cardboard. :)

  • i_love_tape24 about 53 months ago
    the yellow are super cute i think i will make those. how well do they hold up cuz if u walk on them dont they start to wear out? are they comfy?instructions plz!

  • duck'duptape about 53 months ago
    Those shoes look amazong :) So cute and worth the time ^.^

  • sawlvrocks about 53 months ago
    this is awesome!!!!! i'm gonna try to make some, but they won't look as cool as those!!!!

  • WhatsUp about 53 months ago
    AMAZING!!!!!!!! How do you make it?

  • about 53 months ago
    WOW! Oh my goodness!! You really should post instructions!! I LOVE THESE!

  • DuctCheese about 53 months ago
    Yeah... It would help if you posted instructions...

  • Nerdygirl98 about 53 months ago
    Wow! Please post instructions!!!!

  • kiwifruit16 about 53 months ago
    I AM SOOOOO MAKING THESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kit_kat_22 about 53 months ago
    those are cool!! could you please post instructions