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Ducktivity provided by kit_kat_22

if you have a question i have the answer so be be afraid to ask:)

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  • prettydragon about 27 months ago

  • Roxie about 27 months ago
    Super awesome how did u make it????

  • Ermy24 about 30 months ago
    That is sooooo cool!!!can you give directions on how to make them in a spiral??

  • Surfergirl1999 about 46 months ago
    Love it I've made a double finger ring but it was a bow not a rose.

  • DesignerDucktape about 48 months ago
    Wow, those are cool... LOVE EM'!!!

  • Duck queen 1012 about 48 months ago
    hi:) my rings are layered with three colors so... 1.pick three colors 2.with your first color cut or rip of 6 strips that are about 1 inch long 3.take your strips rip them in half and fold them like you would a normal roes petal 4.take your first petal and wrap it around itself that is the start of your rose then just keep putting on the petals like normal went you have your first color done cut off the end so it is smaller then put on your other layers(2nd color- 5 strips 3rd color-12strips) the ring part is kinda tricky but i will explain it the best i can 1. size a piece od duck tape by raping it around your finger 2. cut the peice into 4 equal strips 3.take two of those strips and over lap them sticky side up the take one stripe and place it right in the middle sticky side down then roll it up in a ring form cut your last strip in half and use that to stick it to the rose.

  • Sassycat123 about 49 months ago
    How do you make those? Can you put the steps to make them on here? And those are so cool!!! Please and Thank you :)

  • tswiftfan42 about 49 months ago
    how do you attach the flower to the ring

  • bubbalinda about 49 months ago
    omg!!!! thoes are amazing!!! ppllllzzzz how did u make em!? u must b super talanted with duck tape:P they are liget!

  • quack_queen about 49 months ago

  • QueenDT about 50 months ago
    my email is audreyhellinger@comcast.net plz send me instructions!!

  • QueenDT about 50 months ago
    can u plz plz send me instruction?!?!?!?!?!/!?!?!?!?!?

  • brooke354 about 50 months ago
    how to you make those plezzzzzzzzzz tell me:) love them

  • sofi33 about 50 months ago
    how do u make them. There cute plz post

  • Claire821 about 50 months ago
    I love to wear rings and also love making roses. They are my favorite thing to make out of duct tape! Please give the instructions at purplewriter123@gmail.com If possible! Thanks!

  • sydneylovesducktape about 50 months ago
    yhose r so awesome!!!!!!!!I would loves to make some like that.Please tell me how u made them.

  • rokiroad9 about 50 months ago
    HOW DID YOU DO IT?????

  • crazybirdlady about 50 months ago
    Do you have instructions on how to make these awesome rings?

  • ductgirls123 about 50 months ago
    sooo cute!

  • kaykay456 about 50 months ago
    That is sooo cool!!! i absolutely lovvveee the colors u used!

  • apstromer about 50 months ago
    i have the instructions on how 2 make these sorry if they r not clear 1. Take a toothpick and cut the pointy of of it. 2. Then u take about 3in piece of duck tape (any color) and cut it into 4 pieces. 3. Then, just like with big flowers, fold it like the pedals. 4. Arrange your pedals however u want around the tooth just like a big flower. 5. When u r done cut off the part tooth pick that has the flower on it. 6. Take a strip of duck tape the longer than the length of around your finger and fold it in half so theres no sticky showing and tape it 2 the flower. i hope this helps! ~ Alyson~

  • ducktapecrazed about 50 months ago
    Those are amzing!!!!!!!!! How do u make them???? I will kill u if u don't tell me!!!!!!

  • psbrady1 about 50 months ago
    These are the bomb. I know you are waiting to put on utube, but some of us can't wait. Could you just post written instructions?

  • finnywinny about 51 months ago
    I love how the colors make a swirl!!!!!! I only make like regular colors.

  • nerdy_kay about 51 months ago
    Could you post instructions to make these?? -Nerdy_Kay

  • kit_kat_22 about 51 months ago
    thank you all so much for your questions and comments:)! I'm hoping to answer them all in a youtube video as so as i can get one made, but i am very busy this month:( but i hope to get it out soon, i will post a comment with the video's info as soon as i can get it done. so please keep checking for a comment from me so you can get an answer to your questions:)! thanks! -kit_kat_22 :)

  • ***sunshine*** about 51 months ago
    how do you make these????????? ***Lexi***

  • mnnuttall@gmail.com about 51 months ago

  • k9mom about 51 months ago
    Very cute!!!! How do you make them. Please share. Thanx

  • megasmiles98 about 51 months ago
    how did you get the flower to stay on the ring?

  • recyclableme about 51 months ago
    Could you plz send me the instructions to these?

  • Jocelynn about 51 months ago
    this is so cool

  • Armywife32 about 51 months ago
    LOVE this they are so neat looking PLEASE send directions Thanks

  • SummerChick about 51 months ago
    Those are amazing!! Could u please give me the instructions...?

  • Shayshaypink about 51 months ago
    Kitkat22: I have a question. I haven't used ur pattern b4, but I have tried others and the seem much too tight and tall and not as wide and flared as urs. How can I correct that? Thx soo much!

  • jenmhb about 51 months ago
    They are beautiful! Could you tell me how you made them? My daughter would LOVE this!

  • MinnVikes about 51 months ago

  • DUCKEY5 about 51 months ago
    How do you do this? Can you let me know the instructions, they are amazing!!!!

  • Duck queen 1012 about 51 months ago
    ok i have the instructions to these i dident do the ones in the pic but i posted my own i hope the site will have them up soon butt.... i you want the instructions ur gonna have to email me cuz they will not fit on here (anesmith@suddenlink.net) thx, Duck queen 1012

  • vkuggs about 51 months ago
    okay so i no how to make the flowers and everything but im not sure on how to make t he band part. how did u make it? i need to no thanks

  • skipper about 51 months ago
    omg!!!!!! how do u make it??????

  • mgilmo1 about 51 months ago
    hi i really want to make this for a present can you please send me the instructions !!! -mgilmo1!!!:-)

  • Ducttapegiraffe about 51 months ago
    thos are sooooooooooooo kewl

  • KJAEVAN about 51 months ago
    I am dying to try these. Can you send instructions please?

  • maddiemouse2000 about 51 months ago
    How do you make the rose onto a ring? I don't no how to make a rose without a stem!

  • haleybug922 about 51 months ago
    i need instructions on how to make them! they are so cute! please let me know the instructions. it would be very appreciated! (:

  • artsygirl27 about 51 months ago
    I LOVE how these look but I'm wondering how you got the roses to lay so flat? Everytime I try I get a really tall rose becasue it looks more like a cone. Do you have any suggestions as to how to keep them flat like yours?

  • SummerChick about 51 months ago
    I have a question "how did you make those rings"?? They are very pretty!!?

  • shdarcy about 51 months ago
    Wow thats really cute!! Can you tell me how u make it or make a video?? please?

  • prettylydia123 about 51 months ago
    my question: how??? XD

  • positive calla lily about 51 months ago
    these look great! but how do you keep them so flat? mine always end up big and chunky.

  • positive calla lily about 51 months ago
    these look great! but how do you keep them so flat? mine always end up big and chunky.

  • DuctTapeLlama about 51 months ago
    Those are really Cool. (: I made some like that as well.

  • prettylydia123 about 51 months ago

  • kenny about 51 months ago
    So cute!! How did you make them? can you post directions?

  • Smileyface123 about 51 months ago
    Hi can u give me instrustions on the rings and mini bows

  • duck'duptape about 51 months ago
    These are cute add-ons to complete any outfit, reaching perfection.

  • carflames about 51 months ago
    Love it...would love pattern for flowers, their great.

  • paintsplatterducttape7 about 51 months ago
    that looks really good and i like that its so COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • maggiebearfelch about 51 months ago
    how do u make it

  • jetskiing20 about 51 months ago
    I really lie this. expecially the colors and creativty ill take a shot at making those

  • marissaann about 51 months ago
    can you post instructions please? these are super cute!

  • mad1109 about 51 months ago
    Can you please leave instructions???? These are awesome!!!

  • APrice97 about 51 months ago
    Those look AWESOME!! Plz tell me how to make them!

  • meggieme about 51 months ago
    these are really cool and i dont like to buy jewelry so will you please post how to make them thanks!!!!!!!!!!

  • rango610 about 51 months ago
    WOW! I cannot believe u made rings. kewl. post directions please

  • happyperson about 52 months ago
    I love those rings!!!! they are super cute!!

  • person about 52 months ago
    can you tell me how you made those pleaz and as soon as you can!

  • person about 52 months ago
    that is so cool

  • Imaduckbrandducttapefreak about 52 months ago
    Ive always wanted to try this! i just couldn't figure out how to make the petals small enough. Are they heavy?

  • msquare about 52 months ago
    so pretty! i tried 2 make rose rings once. they were nowhere near as pretty as those. u should sell them!:)

  • tapemaker about 52 months ago
    That is awesome!!! Where or how did u learn to make them???

  • i<3ducktape123 about 52 months ago
    How long do these take too make?

  • Cowluver14 about 52 months ago
    How do you make the spiral flower??? every time i try it just turns out all weird. could you tell me how to make those? maybe you can do a youtube video or something. thanks. please write back. -cowluver14

  • Nerdygirl98 about 52 months ago
    How do you get the flower to stick to the ring?? I've made one and i had to saftey pin it . Check it out on my website: http://taystapeinc.wordpress.com

  • ducktapequeen34 about 52 months ago
    i hope u dont mind if i ask but how did u make these

  • ducktapequeen34 about 52 months ago
    one of my friends really wants one but i dont know how to make it and i was hoping you would tell me how

  • candy_lover_105 about 52 months ago
    awesome. how do you make a ring?

  • canigetahottub about 52 months ago
    I love them! How did you make it?

  • jessicaschafer9 about 52 months ago
    Those are cute!!! How do you make them???

  • emmast about 52 months ago
    how do you make those? Please share!

  • footballhottie96 about 52 months ago
    how did you get the ring part??

  • 14239moore about 52 months ago
    How did you make those

  • Nerdygirl98 about 52 months ago
    Love it!!! How long do you cut the duct tape for the petals???