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Woven Bracelet

Ducktivity provided by happyperson

it's a red and back woven bracelet that i made in two minutes, and get tons of questions about

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  • 5boysgoingonedirection about 30 months ago

  • duck_tape321 about 31 months ago
    that is sooo kool

  • stepanie35 about 50 months ago

  • Boo about 51 months ago
    Directions? X)

  • duckdesigns about 51 months ago
    ok how come they show the pic but never post instructions man that sucks i really want to make that bracelet

  • ac4JESUS!!! about 51 months ago
    can you please put up how to do it that would be great :)

  • Fluffyduck5 about 51 months ago
    AWESOME!!! Would you please post directions???

  • artsygirl27 about 51 months ago
    How'd you do it?!?! Instructions please :)

  • ceasar99 about 51 months ago
    how do u make it

  • Malkin.is#1 about 52 months ago

  • KayKay about 52 months ago
    hey how do you make this???

  • lbrdance about 52 months ago
    I really want that! It's so cool!!'n

  • KayKay about 52 months ago
    This is really cool how do you make it? i made it and it didnt turn out as well as this one!!!

  • Zhabah about 52 months ago
    Awesome!!I've done something similar before, but it didn't look this good! I'll give it a try!

  • KayKay about 52 months ago
    Wow!!! That's cool how do you do that?

  • KayKay about 52 months ago
    How do you make tht is really cool!?!?

  • ralisa4585 about 52 months ago
    how do you make this cuz it looks pretty legit

  • Nerdygirl98 about 52 months ago
    Please post instuructions!!!!

  • DUCKLOVER421 about 52 months ago
    please post instructions :):):):):):):)

  • torilovesducktape about 52 months ago

  • Duck queen 1012 about 52 months ago
    thats really cool can u post instructions?