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Easy Peasy Flower

Ducktivity provided by duct_tape_rulez

it will look cute as a hair piece or even just a decoration but, what is even better is no stem!

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • pink duct tape
  • bobby pin
  • whit duct tape


  • Step 1

    take a 2 by 2 piece of duct tape and fold both corners into the middle so it looks like a house.
    you will need tweleve in all so six of each color.

  • Step 2

    use the bobby pin as the center and place three "petals" around the bobby pink.
    For this flower I used pink first.
    Sorry it is blurry

  • Step 3

    Contine around the bobby pin while alternating the colors of each petal rows. there are four rows in mine. Once you are done push the bobby pin out of the center to get the center look and then poof no bobby pin!