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Ducktivity provided by xxalexisrainbowxx

These are just the four best flowers that I have made. (:

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  • dodgergirl02 about 3 months ago
    looks awesome!!!!!

  • Polka dot duck tape lover about 32 months ago
    Cute I like it!

  • booie10 about 32 months ago
    How did you make that, it looks awesome! :D

  • Kalyssa about 32 months ago
    that is so cool i wish i was as good as u but next to your 'ductivitie' someone has the same pic as u why?

  • cmanni99 about 33 months ago
    They look Beautiful! Nice Job!

  • alisha j about 43 months ago
    cute kitty in the background to ;D

  • joy1234 about 43 months ago
    great flower when i try to make mine they don't look that good!!!

  • CHEESE about 44 months ago
    That is awesome!!!!! How did you do that???

  • sr1247 about 44 months ago
    please tell me how to make one or email at ericadebacker2sbcglobal.com

  • ltduct#2 about 45 months ago
    i make flowers out of tape nearly as good as that

  • Sportshuskey about 45 months ago
    Hello just wondering how you made that?? If it is easy!! thanks!

  • eyedeekay6 about 45 months ago
    how do you make them?

  • aphrodite7 about 45 months ago
    pretty cool how in the world do u make it????? er, them. <:-)

  • ilovemusic4 about 45 months ago
    i can make these, but how do u make them so full looking?

  • katsbabe13 about 46 months ago
    how do you get it to look so full

  • amurderofcrows about 46 months ago
    i like how all the petals are in the same place. it's different from the other ducktape ones i've seen.

  • katsbabe13 about 46 months ago
    how do i make these?

  • pleasent_nytemare about 46 months ago
    if you stagger the petals of the flower then it looks more realistic also try and make them out of clear ducktape and they look like crystal flowers ;)

  • peaches280 about 46 months ago
    cool i love it:)