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rainbow flower pen

Ducktivity provided by trampolinekid2000

TASTE THE RAINBOW! this is a rainbow flower pen i made using 168 peddles

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  • CraftyGirl3 about 22 months ago
    You should do a rainbow swirl

  • cordelia.rosazza about 22 months ago
    Very nice.

  • Panda.101 about 22 months ago

  • alyssas6299 about 22 months ago
    love it!

  • carolyn.goodwin.39 about 22 months ago

  • LDonovan10 about 26 months ago
    I made one that only has 84 petals and it looks just as good. This really isnt very difficult to make. All trampoline2000 did was use a lot of DT. Anyone could do so

  • ducktape_girls3 about 27 months ago
    must try!!

  • trampolinekid2000 about 27 months ago
    a lot of people are asking for instructions so here they are!!! you get whatever colors you want then with you're first color put 8 pedals on you're (pen penile whatever) then get you're next color and put 16 peddles on every just doable the number of pedals for each color you can have as many colors as you want enjoy!

  • prettydragon about 27 months ago
    AWESOME!!!!please put instructions!!

  • Ricky Martin fan about 27 months ago
    love it

  • r10v3 about 27 months ago
    I made one to and mine had 200 exactly!! Great job!

  • CallieStrib about 28 months ago
    omg!your soooooooooo good!thats so cool dude got to put up directions

  • duck+tape=awesome about 28 months ago
    lol good job

  • mypinkrainbow about 28 months ago
    beautiful !!!

  • TheBestDuckTaperEver about 28 months ago
    XD mine has 300 petals and up. look for it in the flower and rose catogory

  • iluvducttape159 about 28 months ago

  • allybob about 28 months ago
    I'm so sorry my keyboard is typing weird things it is supported to be name not man and then on not one.Thank you for understanding

  • allybob about 28 months ago
    I could make one of those but the one I made only had 82 petals. If you look one some of the categories on the duct tape website on the first page look for the man name allybob and you might see some of my favorite creations. Oh and please rate and comment. Thanks