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rounded flower power

Ducktivity provided by cookiemonster8080

You can use anykind of ducktape color i would prefure what i said but its your choose now this is a flower that is round i am a pro i have been doing this for 10 years i hope you like it its fun easy and cool youll luv it hopefully its easy for you and hop you get it

Skill Level: 

Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • 1 solid ducktape
  • 1 pattered ducktape
  • pen with cap
  • scissors


  • Step 1

    now you cut a piece of your ducktape like a square

  • Step 2

    now fold the corner very carfully but leave some stickyness

  • Step 3

    now fold the left corner and leave some stickyness at the bottom

  • Step 4

    now grab your scissors and cut the top of your flower curved or like a rainbow but dont cut off to much

  • Step 5

    now grab your pen and put the petel on the top of the pen carfully now keep doing this make about 28 pedels to make it small or if you want it big make 38

  • Step 6

    now this is what it looks like when you make it to 28 i only made 28 if you make 38 its ok just countinu with these steps

  • Step 7

    now you will cover the pen with what ever solid color and make it 8 cm. and place it carfully from the top to bottom

  • Step 8

    now cover up the cap with a 4 cm. solid ducktape color the same color you did as the stem

  • Step 9

    now cover up the cap

  • Step 10

    and if you made the cape to long just cut it

  • Step 11

    now when you are done making it you got your roung flower i hope you like it and make news ans sell um thats what i do to make money but make new ones and i hope you loved it

  • Step 12

    ps this is what it should look like