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Duck Tape Greeting Card

Ducktivity provided by nesidara

this will be easy for any using sheets or who is skilled at making their own duck tape fabric. So materials really depend on how you want to approach making the fabric sheet. You can use two Duck tape sheets, One sheet and a roll duck tape or two different coloured rolls of duck tape. We made this one with one sheet of black, a roll of chrome colour, dark blue for accents and glow in the dark for the tag.

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • cutting board
  • craft knife
  • ruler
  • Duck Tape rolls (3 colours)
  • Duck Tape Sheet (1 colour)
  • tag or template for a tag
  • poem, lyrics etc. for inside
  • Permanent Marker
  • double sided tape