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Awesome Duck Tape Bag! :)

Ducktivity provided by HarryStyles

If you're like me and you're totally obsessed with Duck Tape (and Harry Styles

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • Duck Tape
  • Scissors
  • Zip-Lock Bag
  • Hands


  • Step 1

    Find a large Zip-Lock Bag.

  • Step 2

    Tape the bag by cutting sizes depending on the bag so it will cover part of the side.

  • Step 3

    Continue Step 2 until one entire side is covered. Then continue onto the next side.

  • Step 4

    When entire bag is covered add straps by cutting a long piece then folding it in half. Do this twice.

  • Step 5

    When both straps are finished tape them to the top part of your bag using a lightly patterned tape like tie-die or zebra stripe.

  • Step 6

    When that is done design to your hearts content and then you have a beautiful new duck tape bag! Enjoy!

1 comment

  • RubberDuckTaper about 31 months ago
    i am like you cuz i am obsessed with duck tape and i love harry styles and louis tomlinson!