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Duct Tape Sunbag

Ducktivity provided by rcrrbr

I went to the store one day and found some cheap HD clear Duck brand tape and decided to use it and make stuff out of it with tape :). I use mine to hold my duct tape.

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  • stellag603 about 26 months ago
    can you add the instructions? please

  • stellag603 about 26 months ago

  • LuckyDuckie9 about 54 months ago
    @ kiwifruit its just clear packaging tape... no biggy

  • kiwifruit16 about 56 months ago
    I didn't know they had clear duct tape!!!!!!!!!! that is totaly cool!

  • puppywuppy10 about 59 months ago
    well i think it is SUPER cool!!! :-)

  • rcrrbr about 59 months ago
    thx! I would like to make one bigger. to bad i don't have enough time for me to make an actual sunbag, like big enough to put a towel in.. and I can't find my clear tape. :D -Raegen (maker of the bag)

  • brink235 about 61 months ago
    how do u make it??

  • kitkat about 62 months ago
    this is really cool can you post the instructions please?

  • ductdudes about 62 months ago
    I luv it i wanna make one

  • cinnabun2733 about 64 months ago
    how did you make that, i am looking for something to put my duct tape in, and that is a cool idea

  • Duckiedoo:) about 66 months ago
    That is soooo awesome!!!!!!:)

  • Duckiedoo:) about 66 months ago
    That is soooo awesome!!!!!!:)

  • ant-dog 009 about 67 months ago
    thats neet it dosent even look like theres any tape

  • belly72 about 67 months ago
    cool! i made one like this- but in the front i wove strips of tape it make it look ... more sophisticated.

  • famousboy1 about 67 months ago
    that is so cool really

  • spike2080768 about 67 months ago
    i loved it

  • spike2080768 about 67 months ago
    i loved it

  • duct4ry about 67 months ago
    ummmm, hello are you gonna tell us how to make it or not?

  • 15chefle about 67 months ago
    Cool. So is there clear duct tape in the middle so you can see through it and the rest is lime green? That's neato. :)