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My Totally Awesome 100 Duck Tape Bag

Ducktivity provided by kit_kat_22

I made this for carrying my duct tape products to my local farmers market/ craft fair every Saturday. its really easy and simple but if you want directions just ask:)I'll answer any other questions too!

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  • Step 1

    there is 2 pockets for whatever, 1 pocket 4 my x-acto knife,and 1 for my scissors

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  • gid456 about 49 months ago
    PLZZZ give me the instructions my email is taragideon@ymail.com thxx

  • 10codepink10 about 51 months ago
    Can i have instructions?

  • bigduck12 about 52 months ago
    can i have instructions

  • fyerbugg about 52 months ago
    my nickname s kit kat too and im 22 thats strange

  • rango610 about 52 months ago
    I really like the purse. I once made a small bag but it wasnt as impressive as yours

  • cocobean94 about 52 months ago
    can you please email me the instructions for this bag i love it. puppykisses94@live.com

  • Ashanti8395 about 52 months ago
    how do u make that. it is super cute