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Pretty Pink Pencil Pouch

Ducktivity provided by duct_tape_rulez

I made this pencil pouch and I am going to add a strap is stays together with velcro. Hope you like it :) Ideas: I made the basic design in grey duct tape (because the cool colors and patterns duct tape is more expensive).

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • pink duck tape
  • grey duct tape
  • zebra duct tape


  • Step 1

    (1) make 4 double sided strips of ducktape
    The picture is from the already completed pencil pouch but you can kind-of see what I mean.

  • Step 2

    (2) connect 2 strips together (do with all four strips) They should look like bricks then connect the two "bricks" together with duct tape
    It is the same picture as last time so just connect them with one strip of duct tape and then flip it over so that the sticky middle is up and put another strip on top.

  • Step 3

    (3) cut two long (3 in.) and 2 short (2 in.) pieces of duct tape and put the 2 in. sticky side down on the 3 in.
    that is a picture of one of them.

  • Step 4

    (4) attach to side (there will be space at the bottom that is OKAY
    then fill in gap at bottom of side
    (sorry the picture is sideways)

  • Step 5

    (5) cover in whatever color duct tape you like! :)
    you can make a bow and attach it and even a strap or a flower!