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Color Flower Pens

Ducktivity provided by sawlvrocks

all this took me about an hour to finish!!!!

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  • macintosh about 51 months ago
    look really cool but you should MAKE DIRECTIONS!!!!!! (I have no clue on how to make them)

  • theducktapegurlz about 52 months ago
    I see some peace sign duct tape on the one on the left! Where'd you get it and what brand is it!!! :) Please respond that is way cool!

  • Cupcake143 about 53 months ago
    OMG, how do you make those! Their so cute!

  • moon1236 about 54 months ago
    I make way beeter ones and it only takes me ten minutes to make one!My flowers are also pens. Top that!

  • horseluver about 54 months ago
    i tried to make 1 really hard to make

  • samii23 about 54 months ago
    they look kool but u didnt give me any directions

  • gostate4 about 54 months ago
    i LOVE making these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3

  • soccer56 about 54 months ago
    Takes me 2 minutes to finish 1 and 10 to finish all

  • freak78121 about 54 months ago
    Awesome! soooo kewl!