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Duct tape tablet

Ducktivity provided by allybob

This tablet is covered in a couple different duct tapes. This can be used as a math tablet etc. Please comment and rate below.

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  • allybob about 27 months ago
    If you don't want one why would say it that's RUDE. |:[ |:[ [:[

  • maymay102 about 27 months ago
    Cool but I do not want one

  • allybob about 28 months ago
    If you can see the fire work,peace sign,and the rainbow dots there from CVS the other ones are duct brand and I get my duct tape at Micheals ,A more ,Wal-Mart,and fivebelow.Plus if you want one just give me your phone number or your a dress they are going to be 3.00 not including shipping

  • imapeach about 28 months ago
    Where do you buy your duct tape? Also you have some brands I don't recognize as duck brand. What brands do you buy?

  • allybob about 28 months ago
    Time is running out so if you don't order now I will have to retire this project

  • allybob about 28 months ago
    If you guys want one you have to give me either your address or your phone number so we could talk to each other and then so you can tell me your address if you want one you have to tell me if you are going to pay with money or with trade

  • allybob about 28 months ago
    I just covered a tablet with purple duct tape then added on other colors

  • ducktapegirl17101 about 28 months ago
    did you tape the actuall tablet or the case?