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My New Bag

Ducktivity provided by dtluvr

I wanted a new bag so I decided to make one. It is 100% duck tape except for the clear tape covering it. The sides are weaved. The three 'treats" are a cupcake, lollipop and ice cream cone.

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  • Rach about 49 months ago
    u r awsome at duck tape!!!!! this si her website people http://ductabulouscreations.weebly.com/pricing.html

  • Rach about 51 months ago
    i agree with brittany627 it is da'bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...........i love cupcakes!!!!!!!!!

  • GRUB about 52 months ago

  • duckward about 52 months ago
    super cute

  • Ducky11 about 52 months ago
    Cool & super cute!!

  • smartin1 about 52 months ago
    I luv this!

  • ducktapewalrus about 52 months ago
    love it iv been needing a new bag

  • Kalyssa about 52 months ago
    I like it how do you make designs?

  • rango610 about 52 months ago
    Thats a really cute purse. Love it. Could I get the directions please

  • brittany627 about 52 months ago
    This project is da' bomb! want to be friends?

  • rylie98 about 52 months ago
    Hole cow how did u do that??? that is sooooooooo freakin cool!!!! :) <3