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Pen / sharpie holder

Ducktivity provided by Gummy Bear123

This is a special case that is durable pen / sharpie holder that doesnt take a long time to make. You can customize it however you want! It's awesome when you have a lot of shrpies! :D

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  • Step 1

    Take your duct tape fabric and cut or add on to it so that it fits the amount os pens you have. Take 2 pieces and connect ( on one side ) with duct tape, make sure there is no sticky stuff showing. If you dont have duct tape fabric, take your paper or poster board and cover with duct tape. Then connect the two pieces with ductape on one side. One side will be the flap, decide which side you want it on based on how many pens you have.

  • Step 2

    Take a piece of duct tape that is twice as long as how many pens you have. Fold in half and attach the two ends to the base (not the flap) with two pieces of duct tape. Put pens on and enjoy! :D


  • syd1426 about 22 months ago
    That is so cool and such a great idea!

  • Pirate Lover about 26 months ago

  • quackfrompeep#1 about 26 months ago
    I have the same Duck tape!