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Suit Pencil Case

Ducktivity provided by Puppy788

The side flaps open to the sides and the white flap opens upward. My card is on the inside of the jacket and velcro keeps the flaps held together. The base is black with white on the inside.

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  • DTL about 21 months ago

  • rhellinger about 22 months ago
    What is it? it is so cool

  • Puppy788 about 22 months ago
    It's a pencil case, sorry the title didn't appear for some reason.

  • brookp13 about 22 months ago
    AAAAWWWWEEEEE....CUTE!!! No edfence but what is it?,a pencil pouch maybe???

  • bacon girl101 about 23 months ago
    that is really cool post directoins

  • Cdgessner about 24 months ago
    That is awesome post directions