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Duct Tape Football

Ducktivity provided by DuckyTape89

Fun and easy to make!

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  • <3pinklover<3 about 46 months ago
    How do you make it?????

  • luchman about 47 months ago
    How do u make it JUST TELL US!!!

  • ritzbitz about 47 months ago
    Dude tell us how

  • mossface about 49 months ago
    instructions plz cuz i need to be able to make miny ones for my bros football team. go thunderclan!

  • chocodude about 49 months ago
    it looks cool but tell us how 2 do it

  • ductman101 about 49 months ago
    cool iv always wanted a football .how do make 1

  • Ductapemaster12 about 49 months ago
    Where is the Instructions on how to make this?

  • LyndseyLouAnne16 about 52 months ago
    please put instructions! this is so amazing! I have to know how to make it!!!

  • abbyrox about 52 months ago
    ooooo! i really wanna know how to make this pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeez put instructions!

  • masterofducktape54321 about 52 months ago
    Where is instructions?