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Ninja Star

Ducktivity provided by jill12345

this ninja star is very easy to make and you can make it with multiple colors or just one and when your finished you can practice throwing it at a target. enjoy ps it actually took 5 minutes for me but the most it should take is 15 minutes

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • duct tape
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • duct tape
  • scissors
  • ruler


  • Step 1

    make four strips 8 inches long

  • Step 2

    roll up each strip very tightly

  • Step 3

    connect 2 "logs" together so they form a T do that with the other towo so now u have 2 Ts

  • Step 4

    put one upside down and one right side up and slide them together so there is a square in the middle and take at least two skinny strips and wrap it around the Ts so that they are connected and wont fall apart

  • Step 5

    now that your finished you can try it out on a target or something hope u like it -Jill

1 comment

  • duck+tape=awesome about 9 months ago
    u could probably use straws covered in DT instead of DT "logs"