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Duck Tape Wallet

Ducktivity provided by laboguy45

its a cookie monster wallet made intirely of duck tape hope you like it

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  • jtwallets about 19 months ago

  • jtwallets about 19 months ago

  • Crafty_Cookiess about 21 months ago
    Cool wallet, but did you post the wrong picture?

  • kmban about 25 months ago
    It is super cool like mloh99 said, don't let the rude comments get you down.

  • superduckytape2000 about 30 months ago
    cool wallet, I just don't understand why it is called "Cookie monster" wallet cuz it looks nothing like it?

  • rabidburrito7071 about 39 months ago
    it looks really cool but i don't see the cookie monster resemblance. if you get the time you should edit the description.

  • HORSESROCK211 about 50 months ago
    I am running out of vintage duct tape. Where can you buy it?

  • mloh99 about 50 months ago
    that is an awesome color where did you get it and it doesnt matter what other people think of your wallet it just matters how you veiw it so dont let a couple rude comments get you down :D

  • dd1599 about 51 months ago
    OMG I love that duct tape! Where do you get it? I thought it wasn't sold anymore.

  • smitty14 about 51 months ago
    That is cool! But may I ask why it is your Cookie Monster wallet?

  • CustomizeDuct about 56 months ago
    eeww. thats, well, interesting to say the least

  • LlamaUnicornFaries about 56 months ago
    it doesnt look like cookie monster

  • msducttape101 about 56 months ago
    Thats pretty cool!