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Large ladies wallet

Ducktivity provided by mstrus

a large size wallet with two money folds and 12 card slots and a tab to keep it shut. also has an optional deco on front, which is a mickey mouse head.

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • red duck tape
  • black duck tape
  • ruler
  • scissors/utility blade
  • black merker


  • Step 1

    create sheet of duck tape fabric 7.5 inch high and 8 inch long-this is the large piece

  • Step 2

    create two more pieces of ducktape fabric 3.25 inch high and 7.5 inch long- these are the medium pieces

  • Step 3

    create 12 pices of "fabric" the width of the duct tape and 3.5 inch long-these are the small pieces

  • Step 4

    attach the first six small pieces to a medium piece of fabric using small thin pieces of the same color tape, three pieces on the left of the med. piece three on right, do not put the edge of the small piece up to the outside edge or bottom edge of the medium piece, better for sticking.

  • Step 5

    repeat step four on second medium piece

  • Step 6

    attach the two medium pieces to the large piece by using a strip of tape cut in half length ways, it also makes the border around the outside of the large piece. the edge of the medium piece that is positioned in the middle of the large should be left open like a pocket.

  • Step 7

    to make the latch, cut a piece of tape 2 inch long, and half the width of the tape, , make two cuts on each side of the tape to make little tabs to fold over in the middle, making a capital letter "i" , then stick it close to the edge of the wallet on one side

  • Step 8

    cut two pieces of tape 2 inch long and half width of the tape, stick half an inch of the tapeto the wallet on the outside and half inch on the inside, then stick em together to make the tab. make sure it is centered and lined up with the tab on opposite end of wallet.

  • Step 9

    lastly is a decal on the front i used an image from google to trace onto the tape and cut out to put on the front, in this case a mickey mouse head, enjoy!


  • TheLivster about 26 months ago
    OMG I love this wallet and your directions were awesome!!!!! Thanks!!!

  • Allora about 30 months ago
    Amazing!!! Great initial design. This really helped me. The original instructions were too hard (go figure, I'm a duck tape noob), but this really helped me get the hang of it and make my own design!!! :3