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Multi-Colored Woven Wallet

Ducktivity provided by kaburns88

When opened, this wallet measures 8 in long and 3 in tall. The weaving is made up of ten 8 1/2 in x 1/4 in pieces and twenty-four 3 1/2 in x 1/4 in. The 1/2 in are extra and will be trimmed off after weaving. The inside is made up of a bill fold pocket, 4 card pockets with 1 ID pocket, and 2 hidden pockets. The weaving was clear taped before putting all the pieces together for a nice finish.

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • Craft Cutting Board
  • X-acto knife
  • Scissors
  • Clear Packing Tape
  • 4 Colors of Duck Tape
  • 1 Base Color of Duck Tape
  • 1 Clear Plastic for ID Holder
  • Ruler for Straight Edge


  • Fabcrafter101 about 16 months ago
    This is very good!!! Great job!

  • trishfirecracker about 17 months ago
    so awesome great job

  • 420CEO about 20 months ago
    Dood this is incredible. It only took you an hour and a half? The duck tape force is strong with this one! Keep it up . I wanna see more

  • _Jayfeather_ about 20 months ago
    That's a really intricate design.

  • kaburns88 about 20 months ago
    I never would have imagined I'd receive all this feed back. Thank you everyone! I hope to upload more soon. =)

  • DTL about 20 months ago

  • barbara.richmond2 about 20 months ago
    This is great!

  • syd1426 about 20 months ago
    good job!

  • QuizzingGirl about 20 months ago

  • fuzzerbuzzer5 about 20 months ago

  • nacw1999 about 20 months ago
    Great job! I love it!!

  • dreaming_of_fame101 about 20 months ago
    This is so much better than I could do!

  • sarah.potter.94214 about 20 months ago
    very cool, love the different color weave.

  • purpleemma about 20 months ago
    WOAH that is sweet WOAH WOAH WOAH

  • Crafty_Cookiess about 20 months ago
    that's really cute! i never would have guessed that ur a beginner!!

  • kaburns88 about 20 months ago
    Thanks guys...this was my first attempt at a woven wallet...I'm somewhat of a beginner...and learning that I love duck taping =)

  • jshipley1 about 20 months ago
    awesome wallet! great job

  • charlottehank about 20 months ago

  • jtwallets about 20 months ago
    Great job!