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Pokemon Wallet

Ducktivity provided by kcope93

pikachu on front pokeball on back tell me what u think

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  • trishfirecracker about 20 months ago
    Great job.

  • Duck love about 20 months ago
    Sooooo cute please post directions

  • superduckytape2000 about 29 months ago
    WOAH Pokemon thats awesome! You have talent

  • QueenDT about 49 months ago
    That is so cute! How did you do it?!?!?!?!?!

  • mthebron about 49 months ago
    thats soooo cool how much

  • SassyAlex about 50 months ago
    OMG this is the cutest wallet ever

  • finnywinny about 51 months ago
    I love the designs! I am always looking for new ideas and this one is really cool!

  • prettylydia123 about 51 months ago
    thats AMAZING especially bcuz it %100 dtape! LUV ITT! ;)

  • duck'duptape about 51 months ago
    I love it! I love it! Love, love, love it!!!!! Pokemon is awesome, just like your wallet. C:

  • PokemonNerd about 51 months ago
    I have a really good idea for Pokemon duct tape wallets!!!!!!! =D You could make one that's like the Pokedex and you could make one that's like Ash's badge case!!!!!!! by the way nice job on the wallet

  • Korrag1 about 54 months ago
    Nice I want to make one now!! Or can I just buy yours??? 25 USD??

  • peaceloveducttape about 54 months ago
    THATS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WOULD TOTALLY BUY IT!!!!

  • kcope93 about 54 months ago

  • quack! about 54 months ago
    THATS AMAZING!!!!!!!! : O GREAT JOB!!!!

  • kcope93 about 54 months ago
    come on leave me a comment

  • kcope93 about 54 months ago
    just to let you all know its 100 percent duck brand duct tape and 1 piece of plastic for id :)

  • WhatsUp about 54 months ago
    WOW is that a drawing or duck tape? So cool my friend loves Pokemon.