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triple folded wallet

Ducktivity provided by lucky ducky

this is a wallet that has 2 places for 6 credit cards or any cards. this is also secured with velcro. inside you have 2 slots for money bills and one again, velcro opening. where it looks sort of like a letter and you open it with velcro.

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  • Lynski about 13 months ago

  • mjkw about 26 months ago
    can you please sell that for $6.00. i really really want it

  • walkdda about 27 months ago
    Hi I love your wallet. Can I get the instructions from you?

  • allybob about 27 months ago
    I will pay u $6.00 for it

  • hzh1014 about 27 months ago
    really really really really cute

  • Angelkat1234 about 27 months ago
    Can I PLEASE have instructions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • agsingers about 28 months ago
    omg i love it