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Abby's Submitted Ducktivities

  • Nintendo DS Case

    This case fits a Nintendo DS or DSi and has slots for 3 games. It closes with a velcro dot. Visit my…

  • Ipod Touch Duct Tape Case

    These cases protect your ipod from getting scratched while it is in your purse or backpack. I have m…

  • Ipod Case

    This ipod case keeps my ipod from getting scratched when it is in my duct tape purse :-)

  • Ipod Touch Holder Hanger

    This iPod Touch holder / hanger is perfect for holding your iPod and hanging it wherever you want it…

  • Duct Tape Purse

    This purse is different from my other purses. It is made for a smaller girl. It is really fun to mak…

  • Duct Tape Pouch

    These pouches make really good makeup case, jewelry or even to hold small toys. They are really fun!

  • Awesome Purse

    My purses are made of 100% duct tape (except for a magnet at the top to keep it shut). I have a webs…

  • Locker Pouch with Magnets

    My mom wanted me to make her something to collect Box Top for Education labels in. So I made her a p…

  • Duct Tape Folder

    This folder is so fun. I used it at school and all of my friends loved it. Duct tape is so fun! www.…

  • Trifold Credit Card Holder

    There are 6 pockets. Each pocket will hold several cards. A piece of velcro keeps it closed. These w…

  • Candy Cane Bracelet

    This bracelet can be made with any color duct tape but I made these with the new candy cane duck tap…