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Alex's Submitted Ducktivities

  • Duck Tape Shoes

    I made these a really long time ago and have finally got around to posting them.

  • ID Wallet

    this is my wallet that has a see-through front so you can see your i.d. it is made out of see-throug…

  • Grease Wallet

    it is a one slip wallet that i made with the grease logo on it! this was the 1st design i made and n…

  • Music Staff Wallet

    this is a more complex design it involves thin line that tear easily. but i think it is an awesome w…

  • 4th of July Dress

    this is the dress i made for my little sister for a 4th of july parade. I submitted a seperate thing…

  • Fourth of July Duck Tape Dress

    me and my little sister just got back from vacation and we always do a 4th of july parade in our nei…

  • 4th of July Bow

    this is the bow i also made my little sister and i made one for me for 4th of july. Its just a simpl…