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Sarah's Submitted Ducktivities

  • Duck Tape Phone Case - Large

    This phone case fits most large phones.

  • Duck Tape Phone Case - Small

    This Duck Tape Phone Case fits most small phones.

  • Duck Tape Bookmark

    This bookmark looks easy, but in reality it was pretty hard to make. all the tiny pieces (yes, even …

  • Duck Tape Rose Clips

    I have been wanting to make these clips for the longest time, but I couldn't until my mom finally go…

  • Duck Tape Glasses

    Well, I wear glasses and one day I was bored and i wanted to use my duck tape and I just thought, hm…

  • Duck Tape Hat/Headband

    My school has a crazy hat day where we wear the craziest hats we have. I really don't have many craz…

  • Duck Tape Purse

    This duct tape purse fits my iPod touch, my phone, my wallet, and some more odds and ends. It was so…

  • Duck Tape Wallet

    Just a basic duck tape wallet with 3 card pockets, a money pocket, an ID holder, and a secret pocket…

  • Leopard Print Mini Wallet

    This mini wallet holds 3 credit cards, 1 ID, and money. It is soo cute and it is my favorite wallet …

  • Duck Tape Roses

    These roses are just your usual duck tape rose, but I like mine better than all of the others.

  • Duck Tape White Flower

    This Duck Tape White Flower Took 24 Petals and alot of hard work. The blue center was the hardest to…

  • Red And Yellow Duck Tape Rose

    This rose took sooo much time and patience to complete. It also took alot of duck tape, but I think …

  • Duck Tape Multi-Colored Roses

    I used the basic rose idea and added a twist to it- I used three colors instead of one and it looks …

  • Green and Silver Rose

    This rose is my second "Big" rose and it came out just as good.

  • Duck Tape Sunflower Hair Clip

    This Hair clip is by far my favorite Ducktivity yet. yes, it did take alot of time, and yes, it also…