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Emily's Submitted Ducktivities

  • Pillow

    It's just... a pillow, i guess... i kinda put a lowercase letter, if you look real closely. The rose…

  • 100 Duct Tape Hat

    A long time ago, when my aunt was over, I had 2 rolls of duct tape, and I was bored, and i still hav…

  • CuteAwesomestDressLaidEyesOn

    This is like the FIRST doll dress I've ever made and u got to admit, it is the CUTEST!!! :)

  • Dress

    MY little sister wanted a new dress for her doll. Yow Make a fabric sheet that fits around your doll…

  • Pants and doll shirt

    This is pants and a shirt for my doll. BEFORE you say, "that is some bad pants" THEY ARE VERY HARD T…

  • Awesome iTouch case

    I made this with this REALLY CUTE ducttape. (I found it at target for 2.00, it was on clearence!!!):…

  • Duct Tape Skull

    I had to make a bone or a body part for a school project, and I chose the human skull. This is the c…