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Gracie's Submitted Ducktivities

  • Duck Tape Envelope (for cards)

    This cute-sy craft will put a twist on cards for others (ex. birthdays, christmas, holidays). So cut…

  • Luggage Tag

    Alright, so I made this because I needed more than one luggage tag. Again, I would post instructions…

  • Camo Clutch

    First, I wanna thank faithari0524 for this idea. she perfected it! This clutch was so much fun to ma…

  • Useful Bookmark

    I collect bookmarks, so as soon as I got into duck tape, it was the first thing i made. this is one …

  • Top Hat

    This hat is cute for parties, Halloween, or spicing up an interesting oulfit. I made the hat then at…

  • Mustache Flip-Flops

    I made these flip flops when I was REALLY bored. It was harder than I thought is would be, but it wa…