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D's Saved Ducktivities

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D's Submitted Ducktivities

  • treasure chest

    I took a floral box that I had bought and got tired of the pattern and covered it with Duck Tape.

  • Bows

    These are the first bows I made. I got creative and made fairly small ones also,

  • Sparkling Coin Purse

    I took a couple of my favorite Duck Tapes and covered a plain boring see through coin pouch

  • Pink Rose

    A round petal rose

  • Circle Pocket

    A little pocket to hold small papers

  • Handy Headphone Holder

    I needed something to hold my earbuds in so I made a pouch for them that opens and closes with a zip…

  • Moustache Bow

    A bow made with Moustache tape

  • tablet case/clutch

    7" tablet case, which looks like a clutch. There is a special "port" for the charging cord

  • Butterfly Bow

    I made a bow out of butterfly Duck Tape

  • Personal Product Holder

    My daughter made this to put in her locker to hold her "personal" products. There is a magnet on the…

  • Butterfly Clutch

    I followed the pattern from one of the Ducktivites submitted by Duck Brand but without the flower an…

  • Hot Pink Circle Purse

    I followed the instructions out of the craft book I received when I redeemed my Loyalty Points.

  • Rainbow Purse

    Purse made of Rainbow Duck Tape and I used the instructions from the craft book.

  • Hello Kitty Purse

    I made this little purse out of Hello Kitty Duck Tape for my 6 year old

  • Yellow Star Purse

    A purse made with Yellow and Star duct tape

  • Butterfly Zip Pouch

    This cute little pouch can be used to store several different goodies.

  • Paper Puppy Pocket

    A small pocket to hold small papers

  • Cheetah Kiss Wallet

    One of my first attempts at a wallet

  • Owl box

    I took a normal "decorative" box that I didn't care for the pattern and covered it with a pattern I …

  • butterfly box

    I took a "decorative" box that I was not to fond of the pattern and decorated it with Duck Tape and …

  • Vase/Duck Tape Holder

    This glass vase was very plain and boring. I put some Duck Tape on it, and now it can be used to hol…

  • Flame re-deco container

    I took one of my containers that had chocolate milk mix in it and covered it duct tape to reuse for …

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