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  • All of My DT Flower Pens

    i used the flower pen instructions except i put them on pens instead of straws and there must be 110…

  • Hello Kitty Duct Tape Pen

    its just a hello kitty duct tape pen i made it for my friend cuz she's OBSESSED with hello kitty

  • My Bunch of Flowers

    these are my flower pens some of them have green for the stem and "leaves" and some of them have tha…

  • Flower Ziplock Pencil Pouch

    this is my pencil pouch with a flower on it. first i just did a plain pouch just covered in duct tap…

  • My 100 DT Pens

    um, i made these 4 a craft fair and there is $300 in pens there!!!! im using it 2 buy a new ipod!!!