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  • Awesome DSi Case

    i got a dsi for christmas and i needed a case, i didnt want to spend a lot of cash on a case, so i m…

  • My New Earings They R Rolls of Duct Tape Earings

    I wanted earings that looked like rolls of ductt tape, and i couldnt find any online i made some for…

  • My Bag That I Love

    I needed a new bag for my tap stuff, and i love ducttape so i made a ducttape bag with my favorite c…

  • My Pencil Box that My Class Loves

    I needed a new pencil box because my old one broke! I love duct tape so i made a duct tape pencil bo…

  • Wallets Rock

    Its the third wallet i have ever made and its wicked awesome!!!!!!!! (I think) its simple but i like…

  • Dukes of Hazzard Painting

    Took about four hours to make(imnot actually sure) ive been watching dukes of hazzard and i love it,…