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Maranda's Saved Ducktivities

  • Masquerade Mask

    Masquerade Mask

  • Super Simple Ducktape Braclets

    its really simple and not hard at all and they turn out really cute its just 3 different color strip…

  • Duct Tape Flower Bracelet

    It is a bracelt made out of duct tape with a duct tape flower on top of it.

  • Messenger Bag

    My Bestie and I decided to make a plaid purse, which turned out too small to hold anything...so here…

  • Braided Bracelet

    I was trying to make a braided strap for a purse but accidently made it too short and I came up with…

  • cheer bow

    it was esay to do and cool1.get 2 feet of duct tape and put the together.2.over lap them 3.push the …

  • Nintendo DS Lite Case 2

    Another DS Lite case commission. She wanted a black case, baroque trim, and a little baroque bunny i…

  • Duck Tape® Seat Cushion

    Whether camping or at a sports game, this Duck Tape® foam seat cushion gives you comfort an…

  • Duck Tape® Decorative Pillow

    Don’t throw away an old or torn pillow - make it new again with Duck Tape®! Just follow th…

  • On D Desk

    Have a boring old desk? Now all you have to do is take pieces of duck tape and put it on soon it wi…

  • The Scream in Duct tape

    I made this for my Mom for Christmas

  • Tissue Box

    I wasn't feeling well and I wanted thank my sister for taking care of me, so I made her a tissue box…

  • Duck Tape® Father's Day Card Holder

    Dress up your gift card for Dad this Father's Day with a personalized Duck Tape® gift card holde…

  • Duck Tape® Daisy Pen

    Turn ordinary office supplies into something colorful and fun with this Duck Tape® daisy pen.

  • Bucket Of Flowers

    I thought it would be neat to use an old coffee can, decorate it with duct tape and fill it with duc…

  • Green and Silver Rose

    This rose is my second "Big" rose and it came out just as good.

  • Duck Tape® Fruit Style Purse

    Use these techniques to create your own look or follow the instructions below to create the perfect …

  • Duck Tape® Father's Day Gift Bag

    Make a Duck Tape® Father's Day gift bag that's suited just for him! Follow these instructions an…

  • Duck Tape® Animal Print Beach Bag

    A Duck Tape® beach bag is a fun way to hold those sunny day essentials and show off your persona…

  • Duck Tape® Rose Pen

    Jazz up any writing utensil with Duck Tape® rose top! Choose your favorite colors or prints to c…

  • Duck Tape® Feather Earrings

    Create your own Duck Tape® feather earrings and make a statement that really sticks to your pers…

  • Duck Tape® Gift Tag

    Customize gift tags for every occasion this year with your favorite holiday Duck Tape® colors an…

  • Duck Tape® Flip Wallet

    Take the magic of Duck Tape® wherever you go with this customized flip wallet.

  • Glitter Bows

    get a head band,a duck tape and glitter! it shines in the sun and it is a real attention grabber! ev…

  • Duck Tape Flower Rings

    i saw that other girls thought they were sooooo cute! and came up with my own! they are basicly mini…

  • Rosey Zebra Ring

    This is a small Zebra Rose duct taped on a duct tape band (which you make before you tape the rose o…

  • Bangles and Hairbows

    A friend on deviantART commissioned me to make her three solid woven bangles (Zebra, Army Green, Ele…

  • Duck Prism® Party Mask

    Let Duck Tape® and Duck Prism® crafting tapes help you create the ultimate disguise for part…

  • Coca Cola dress!!!!!

    It took about 2 days to make it (not working non-stop). My cousin and my friend helped me.

  • Sports Jersey Number

    It all started on my little league soccer team. My coach gave me my game t-shirt...but the number w…

  • Cute Apron

    I wanted something to wear while doing artwork ,so I made this!

  • Duck Prism® Magnetic Message Board

    Now you can upcycle with Duck Tape®! With our new Duck Prism® crafting tape, you can tr…

  • Duck Tape® Wall Decals

    These Duck Tape® wall decals make decorating easy and fun! Follow these instructions and cr…

  • Duck Tape® Tri-fold Clutch

    This Duck Tape® tri-fold clutch has storage for all of your personal belongings. Just choos…

  • Duck Tape® Magazine Holder

    Here's a craft that you can do even after your rolls of Duck Tape® are all gone. Using left…

  • Duck Tape® Ribbon Card Holder

    ‘Tis the season for all things Duck Tape® and what a better way to start than with this fe…

  • Duck Tape® Woven Wallet

    Even with the simplest of designs, Ducklings™ mini rolls can make a big impact. Simply weave y…

  • Black and Leopard with Lace

    This is my first wallet. I attached a black lace flower (with leaves and stem) I found in a grab ba…

  • Tri Fold Wallet

    well.... the wallet is awesome i use it all the time but i need to improve my pockets any ideas

  • Tie Die Purple

    tie die with black trim and a purple rose with black stem

  • Duck Tape® Leaf Table Runner

    This festive fall craft will add fun flavor to all of your season celebrations.

  • Bow Tastic!

    A super cute and easy craft to make with duct tape. You can give it to a friend or keep it for yours…

  • Paris

    Decided to do a Paris theme on a picture frame to decorate a bedroom.

  • Duck Tape® Coin Purse

    Put the fun back in funky with this new Ducklings™ mini roll printed coin purse!

  • Duck Tape® Heart Rose Ring

    Jazz up your outfit with a fun accessory! Just follow these steps and make a unique fashion statemen…

  • Duck Tape® Travel Game Kit

    Take the fun of Duck Tape® wherever you go! Combine and create your two favorite travel games us…

  • Duck Tape® Mutli-Card Holder

    Keep your items secure while covering them with the fun of Gummy Bears!

  • Bitty Bows

    These bows are super fun and cute!1. Cut a two inch piece of duck tape and fold it over.2. Fold it l…

  • Dog Fashion

    I made a duck tape collar with tag and name on it. And a matching bow. And the next picture is her w…

  • Handbag with Rose

    its a hand bag that even includes a little pocket on the inside!

  • Kitty Headband

    I finally found the hello kitty tape -had some blank white plastic headbands and decided to cover wi…

  • Flower Power

    I just made an order for a friend for 8 flowers and i've made two pens as well

  • Bouquet of flowers

    There's your basic rose with pens a flower with pen and splash of rose added leaves used duck tape c…

  • swirled flower

    Blue green and purple swirled flower made entirely out of duck tape

  • Flower Bouquet 2

    6 flowers. a pink windmill flower, a purple rose, white lily, yellow calla lily, blue daisy, and a y…

  • Pretty Flower

    1. Start by chosing your favorite color of duck tape and making it 20 inches long.2. carefully fold …

  • Small Red Rose Pencil

    I made this rose pencil and you can still use the eraser on it which is awesome, plus i LOVE making …

  • Flowers

    These are just the four best flowers that I have made. (:

  • Duck Tape® Dry Erase Calendar

    Make organization fun again with this Duck Tape® calendar made with picture frames and your…

  • Coffee Table Makeover

    The table needed a makeover so we gave it one!!

  • little mermaid

    a friend wanted this done for his girlfriend.

  • Rear View Mirror Decoration

    The mirror in my driver's side outside rear view mirror was broken from it's holder. I couldn't aff…

  • Duck Tape® Stocking

    It’s time to duck the halls! Use Duck Tape® to create a truly unique holiday stocking…

  • Duck Tape® Pink Ribbon

    A Duck Tape® pink ribbon is a simple and colorful craft that makes more than a fashion statement…

  • headband

    only uses about 2 feet of tape

  • bow

    well its like something you can put in your hair

  • Carts!

    Here are some more carts that I covered in duct tape! All you have to do is duct tape the outside of…

  • Duck Tape Hair Bow

    It is a bow that you can put in your hair without it sticking/pulling your hair.

  • Duck Tape® Sweetheart Apron

    Whether adding the finishes touches to your cookies or cards, up the sweet and shimmer this Valentin…

  • Wrapping Bow

    We made this cute duck tape bow for some holiday wrapping!

  • Duck Tape Roses

    These roses are just your usual duck tape rose, but I like mine better than all of the others.

  • Roses

    Super cute decorations that never die.

  • Duck Tape® Flame Wallet

    A wallet isn’t just for your everyday uses - it’s a way to show off your own personal st…

  • Duck tape wallet

    Use your wallet to hold cards, money, and even an ID

  • extreme womens wallet

    it has 12 pockets, an id, large coin pouch, and an expandable bill fold

  • Duck Tape® Calla Lily

    What's better than a flower you don't have to water? Follow these steps and use your favorite Duck T…

  • Duck Tape® Fortune Teller

    Create a game that is fit for all ages with this Duck Tape® fortune teller.

  • duct tape bifold

    Spider man with black trim.

  • Envelope

    I had fun with these envelopes. I made fabric with 2 strips 10 inches long barely overlapping and th…

  • Ducktape Hatter

    I had made this costume for Halloween '11 but didn't find anywhere to submit it to for a contest, so…

  • Duck Tape® Heart Toppers

    What better way to top off your Valentine's Day celebrations than with your love of Duck Tape®.

  • Star TreeTopper

    I used the reindeer duck tape but it doesn't matter what color you use.

  • Snowflake Wreath

    different version to the duct tape wreath.

  • Little Christmas Tree

    I just finished this little Christmas tree for my Son this morning - He loved it and he can't wait f…

  • Duck Tape® Ladybug Card

    Make something special that is perfect for every occasion with this Ladybug card featuring Duck Wash…

  • Duck Tape® Phone Case

    Make your own phone case that is both fun and functional with a variety of Duck Tape® prints an…

  • Duct tape braided braclets

    A cool bracelet with your favorite colors

  • Hop Skotch Course

    It was too hot for my little brother and his friend to play outside and they kept bugging me so I ma…

  • Duck Tape® Lunch Bag

    Make your lunches deliciously fun with this customized Mac n Cheese lunch bag.  

  • Duck Tape® Owl Tote

    This patchwork tote is owl you need for spring and summer! Just follow these instructions and create…

  • Zippered Cosmetic Bag

    This trendy zippered cosmetic bag measures approx. 9 inches long, 6 inches tall, and 1 1/4 inches wi…

  • Butterfly Clutch

    I followed the pattern from one of the Ducktivites submitted by Duck Brand but without the flower an…

  • Awesome Purse 2

    I made this for my friend for her birthday. she love pink zebra print so this tape is perfect! It to…

  • Backpack

    I made a backpack out of duct tape and it has my initials on it.

  • I Made a Pink Ribbon Pin!


  • Duck Tape® Top Hat Headband

    Top off any outfit with style! Follow these instructions and accessorize for your own special occasi…

  • Duck Washi® Sunburst Clock

    Spring forward this year with a burst of sunshine by designing your very own Duck Washi® cl…

  • Duck Tape® Key Link Bracelet

    Link your favorite Duck Tape® colors and prints together with this fun bracelet.

  • Duck Tape® Braided Belt

    Give your look a new twist with your favorite Duck Tape® colors and prints!

  • Duck Tape® Pet Bag Holder

    Fitting for any size leash, this Duck Tape® pet bag holder puts the fun back in functional!

  • Triangular Scoop Purse

    This purse can be made in all patterns and colors as the creator wants. It has one handle and someti…

  • golden purse

    Golden has a zipper

  • Color Blast

    This is a small hand bag, (or im using it as a lunch bag) and its colorful and fits a lot.

  • Phone Wallet Wristlet

    Super cool wristlet phone wallet. Folds over so your phone won't fall out!

  • Beautiful Love Bag

    I simply covered a plastic zip bag with blue tape, a yellow moon, and a pink heart that has a very i…

  • Duck Tape® Standing Birds

    Bring spring indoors with these colorful Duck Tape® birds!

  • Duck Prism® Egg Wreath

    Make your holiday decorations shine this year with your very own Duck Prism® egg wreath!

  • Duck Tape® Spring Party Masks

    Spring into the season with these fun Duck Tape® party masks.

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Maranda's Submitted Ducktivities

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