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Rachel's Submitted Ducktivities

  • Duct Tape Mickey

    I had a school biography project on Walt Disney and we had to make something that represented that p…

  • Backpack

    I made a backpack out of duct tape and it has my initials on it.

  • House Shoes

    I really wanted a pair of house shoes and I wanted special pair, so I made some and I love them.

  • One Person Boat

    I entered a boat race and we could only use cardboard, duct tape,glue, and paint. I had a ton of fun…

  • Duct Tape halloween costume

    I wanted a cool Halloween costume this year and thought I could make one out of Duct tape. I love ho…

  • Tissue Box

    I wasn't feeling well and I wanted thank my sister for taking care of me, so I made her a tissue box…