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Easter Bunny and Chick

Ducktivity provided by irockyosox123

For the eyes you should use smaller pom poms i was limited so i just used the ones that came in the pack and for the nose on the rabbit you should use light pink, once again i was limited to what i had so i just used red.

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • Two 5 Inch Ostrich Eggs
  • Orange Foam Sheet (duck)
  • About 6 White Pipe Cleaners
  • Yellow Duct Tape (Bunny)
  • Two White Pom Poms (Bunny)
  • 1 One Inch Hen Eggs (bunny)
  • 4 Black Pom-Poms
  • White Duct Tape (rabbit)
  • One Light Pink Pom Pom (Bunny)
  • 2 Tooth Picks


  • Step 1

    1.) Cut the bottom of the wide end of the egg so it will sit flat
    2.) Put pipe cleaners into small end of egg for ears. Cut to desired length
    3.) Put white duct tape around the pipe cleaners for the ears.
    4.) Take then hen egg (smaller egg) and cut it in half length wise
    5.) Cut off a little bit of the large end off on both pieces and stick tooth pick into end that was cut.
    6.) Wrap white duct tape around feet
    7.) Stick the smaller eggs with the tooth picks into larger egg
    8.) Start covering the large egg with white duct tape until fully covered
    9.) Take a piece of duct tape and connect the foot to the body (so none of the egg is showing)
    10.) Tape eyes to large egg
    11.) Tape nose to large egg
    12.) Tape mouth to large egg
    13.) Poke holes into each side of the side of the nose (big enough to fit about 3 pipe cleaners)
    14.) Cut pipe cleaners to desired length
    15.) Check over to see if there is any bare spots if there is, cover it!
    16.) Done!(:

  • Step 2

    1.) Cut the bottom of the wide end of the egg so it will sit flat
    2.) Stick a feather into the top smaller part of the egg
    3.) Start covering with yellow duct tape
    4.) Cut the foam in the shape of a heart (should be around two inches)
    5.) Connect the bottom of the egg to the foam heart for the feet
    6.) Cut out a triangle shape (as big or small as you want)
    7.) Connect triangle as the nose
    8.) Poke a hole into each side of the egg to fit about 3 feathers (its bigger than you think)
    9.) Tape eyes to the egg
    10.) DONE!


  • kylebuschfan about 14 months ago

  • jjlux about 42 months ago
    You got that from Ac Moore u did not come up with that

  • Moe rocks about 42 months ago
    Cool that looks great